"Sanremo non significa niente e non a caso ho partecipato con Gianna, che non significa niente."

(Rino Gaetano)


The Italian Song Contest, the "Festival di Sanremo", is a music event held every year in the City of Flowers, San Remo, located just 14 kilometers away from the French border.
Sixty five years after its conception, "Sanremo" remains one of the main Italian media events,
and also enjoys broad popularity abroad, being broadcasted live on Eurovision, radios and the Internet.

"Ingresso libero" (Free Admission), shows what's behind the stage of this great event.

It is the festival of the workers of Teatro Ariston, mainly students or jobless during the rest of the year.
The festival of those who would like to work in the world of entertainment, and use the streets of the ligurian city as a stage to make themselves noticed.
The festival of the Municipal Casino, that in these days sees a multiplication of its visitors.
It is primarily the festival of the city of San Remo that, for a week, dresses up on theme just to celebrate - despite the widespread criticism about the quality of its musical content - the main event of the year.

An event that, just like a mirror, reflects all the clichés of the so called "BelPaese" ("the beautiful country", the italian expression meaning "italy"); lively, loud, lazy, old, conservative, colorful, smiling and resignedly stuck on itself.

If you still wonder why people come here, even from Sicily, to be a part of this totally surreal show, where music is now just a pretext for promoting new celebrities, the main refrain of the Festival will certainly help you out: "Because Sanremo is Sanremo".

/// This editorial essay has been shot together with Manfredi Pantanella ///

Teatro Ariston, Sanremo 2015
Inside the Press Area, 65th Festival di Sanremo
Flower Terry Tedeschi , Tele Sanremo’s anchorwoman. Tele Sanremo is a regional tv channel and Tedeschi works on the Festival since 15 years.
A view of the municipal Casinò from the outside.
Fan crowd take pictures of the anchorman of the Festival Carlo Conti. As every year, Sanremo’s presenter use to show up and wave the supporters from the so called “il balconcino”, a balcony of the Ariston theater.
Sanremo’s Promenade.
DopoFestival’s stage. The Dopofestival (after festival) is the traditional tv emission who goes on air just after the main show. It usually hosts the artists and special guests of the festival and it’s presented by italian comedians. This year was hosted
Fio Zanotti, orchestra leader at Sanremo since 1990.
View of the red carpet from above
Sanremo’s ladies posing with Irene Grandi’s cutout in a street of the city. Grandi is a famous italian rock singer and joined the 65 edition performing “Un vento senza nome” (a wind without a name).
Photographers shooting Will Smith, international guest of the 65 edition
Official gathering of italian lookalikes at Sanremo’s Yacht Club during the Festival. From the left Luciano Pavarotti, Amy Winehouse, Gino Paoli and Liz Taylor.
Amy Winehouse
Gino Paoli
Liz Taylor
Jessica and Nicoletta work at the coatroom of the Ariston since 10 and 12 years. During the rest of the year they are unemployed.
Michael Nicholas Salvatore Bongiorno’s (simply known as Mike Bongiorno) statue in Sanremo. Bongiorno has been one of the most popular anchorman of italian TV ever since, considered one of the founders of italian television. He was an american naturalized
giftshop of the municipal Casino of Sanremo
Micaela Pesciaroli, prompter at the Festival since 14 years. This year she has been working in couple with her sister Paola.
Lookalike gathering at the yacht club in Sanremo
At the Dopofestival
During the night show. “Niente” means “Nothing” in italian.
Andrea Terzani works as stuart at the Ariston. During the rest of the year he studies Communications at the University of Savona.
Malika Ayane performing “Adesso e qui (Nostalgico Presente)”.
Tiziano Ferro during the show as seen from the operators
Domenico Modugno’s cutout in front of the Casino di Sanremo. Modugno is on of the ancestors of italian melodic tradition, worldwide known for his song “Volare”.
Elisa Paugger is an architect, works as a hostess during the festival. She would like to have an experience in set design field.
Inside the Hotel de Paris, Sanremo
Irene works as a croupier at Sanremo’s Casinò since 12 years
Davide Luberto from Sanremo works as a stuart at the Ariston for the Festival. During the rest of the year, Luberto studies computer science at the University of Genova and would like to work in videogames design.
View of the empty parterre
The anchorman Carlo Conti
Il Volo, winners of the 65 edition of the Festival with the song “Grande Amore”.
Popular italian popstar Tiziano Ferro, special guest of the first show, bows to the audience.
The Media Area